Male Cancer Awareness: Samuel L Jackson Encourages Men To Spot Symptoms

Hollywood star Samuel L Jackson is kindly asking men if 'they've got balls' in his new charity video to bring awareness to male cancer.

The famous actor and film producer has been talking tough in his unique way anyone can relate to, to encourage men to check themselves for cancer in his new video.

He has recorded an online film to help efforts to ensure men look out for warning signs of prostate and other cancers.

Jackson - currently starring as Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier - posted a link to the video on Twitter.

The Hollywood star has teamed up with innovative London-based fundraising platform to raise awareness of male cancer.

In the video he says: "By not getting checked you could lose those balls. Hell, you could lose your life. So boys, don't be dumb. If you've really got balls, show them to your doctor."

Jackson has been helping the drive to encourage male cancer awareness since last year when he helped launch education campaign One For The Boys.

Now he has teamed up crowdfunding website with a raffle to raise money for the campaign, giving people the chance to have lunch with the actor and attend a benefit event.