prostate cancer

"The whole point of this exam is to prove to men that it’s actually not a big deal," the comedian said.
The comedian has vowed to "try and beat it".
The disease has overtaken breast cancer to become the most commonly diagnosed cancer in England in 2018.
It's still in development, but if approved, men might not need a 'digital rectal examination' at the doctor's.
The singer underwent successful treatment for the disease in 2017 but later suffered complications.
The 74-year-old singer has been given the all-clear from prostate cancer, following a secret battle that lasted three years. He urged men at an event on Saturday to get themselves checked in the hope of catching it early.
The singer is now urging other men to go to the doctor, insisting his successful treatment was down to "catching it early".
The test could cut the need for multiple tests and appointments.
"We’ve got an awfully long way to go, but for the moment I’m feeling OK."
There’s two things that are holding us back: embarrassment and ignorance. So let’s do something about them