Gabby Logan And Husband Kenny Share His 'Emotional’ Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Story

The former rugby player, 50, was diagnosed with the disease in February and later underwent an operation to remove his prostate.
Gabby and Kenny Logan pictured last October
Gabby and Kenny Logan pictured last October
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Gabby Logan and her husband Kenny have shared the “emotional” story of his “shock” prostate cancer diagnosis.

In the latest episode of her podcast Mid.Point, the couple discussed the former professional rugby player’s journey through diagnosis and recovery.

The 50-year-old ex-Scotland international Kenny, who has been married to the BBC Sports presenter for 21 years, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February and later underwent an operation to remove his prostate.

Speaking about the diagnosis Kenny said: “I think when somebody tells you’ve got cancer… you know that you’ve got a huge chance of getting it.

“But when somebody says it, it sort of just didn’t really sink in.

“I just got a bit upset, and it was hard, it’s weird.”

He added: “That’s why I want to do this because people do need to… men tend to be a bit stubborn. ‘We’ll do it tomorrow. Next weekend.’

“I didn’t realise and, you know, I lost a good friend this year through cancer, and he didn’t really do it quick enough.

“So… at his funeral, I was thinking I’d gone and got tested and he didn’t and I wish he had. So it’s hard.”

The couple shared a follow up conversation, also featured on the podcast, shortly before he underwent the operation in which he revealed he had not told his 90-year-old mother about the diagnosis at that time.

Appearing on BBC Breakfast together to discuss the recording of the podcast, Gabby admitted that it had been an emotional recording process, but said she wanted people to learn from it.

Kenny, who was told that his cancer was contained in the prostate, said that despite receiving “a good kicking” during surgery he was on the road to recovery, though he described the process as “demanding”.

He also urged “men of a certain age” to be get the “simple” check-up.

The Mid.Point podcast is available to stream on podcast platforms now. BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am.


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