prostate cancer

The former 'BBC Breakfast' host said he is 'totally overwhelmed' by the love and support he's received.
'It wasn’t a bad dream... and that takes a lot of dealing with.'
Where did Fry succeed where all the other public information films, advertising campaigns, doctors’ surgery text prompts and sleepless self-questioning nights had failed?
This week, in the lead up to Sunday’s World Cancer Day, we have unsurprisingly seen a great number of headlines about the
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One man dies of the disease every every 45 minutes in the UK.
Prostate cancer is one of those taboo cancers - a cancer that lies in the area between a man's navel and his knees - an area where men fear to tread and don't talk about - unless it's about bragging. This is where I've found being a man gets in the way of being a man with prostate cancer when it comes down to discussing the side effects of having and living with prostate cancer.
It's that time of year again, folks! Each year, Movember is responsible for the suspicious sprouting of many moustaches and beards across the world, all aimed at raising vital awareness and funds to change the face of men's health!
It is the leading cancer among men in SA.