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It's that time of year when summer holiday season is in full effect and workers across the country are enjoying weeks of relaxation. But when the holiday has come to an end and it's time to go back to reality, that post-holiday feeling of dread is one like no other.
If you're reading this blog congratulations, you are one step closer to opening your legs for a complete stranger and potentially saving your life... To mark Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, here are my no-holds-barred tips for getting through your first smear.
Technology is everywhere in modern life. Whether we're spending our day in front of a computer screen in the office, watching Britain's Olympic hopefuls on TV or hunting for Pokémon on our smart phones, we are obsessed with the digital world. And the addiction's getting worse it seems. Experts recently suggested we are a nation in need of a 'digital detox'.
An advert which shows how to stop a baby from choking and stars the voices of David Walliams, David Mitchell and Sir John
As Lifestyle editor for The Huffington Post, I could reel off all sorts of facts, figures and advice about sleep. Don't take
The summer is most definitely here with temperatures due to hit 32C by Friday – but before you grab your flip-flops and head
It also urged a renewed focus on developing new diagnostics, antibiotics and other tools that might help healthcare professionals
The mini-strokes most people tend to dismiss thinking it's just a "funny turn" are putting their health and even lives at
There has been a great rise in cancer survival rates, which have now reached 50%, meaning that now half of all patients will
'Sunshine' vitamin D may increase survival rates for those with breast and bowel cancer, new research suggests. Patients