SAS Underground Training Complex To Be Built Into Herefordshire Hillside

SAS 'Kill Rooms' To Be Built Into Hertfordshire Hillside

The SAS is to build a state-of-the-art £10 million underground training complex after residents near their current base complained of noise "like an earthquake".

Complete with "kill rooms" and firing ranges, the new base will be built into a hillside at the Pontrilas Army Training Area (PATA) in rural Herefordshire.

An SAS source said: "Once finished, the complex will be crammed with gadgets and the lads will fire the most lethal rifles and pistols they can get their hands on. Everything inside will be state-of-the-art – money is no object.

The SAS are Britain's elite fighting squad

"The rule is, if we need it, we’re getting it.

"Being below ground will make the ranges more secure and we won’t be visible to the naked eye and satellite surveillance will be rendered ineffective."

"Protection of the base is a critical factor given the weapons we use and the threat of a terrorist strike. We’ve also got to keep the noise down for the locals’ sake. They’re getting fed up with us."

SAS helicopters in training missions have had to change their routes to reduce noise in nearby residential areas.

The elite fighting force have recently taken delivery of a Boeing 747 fuselage in which to practice hi-jacking scenarios.

Civilian Ministry of Defence workers will play the role of hostages.

Planning permission is yet to be granted but the council are expected to give the go ahead.

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