The defence minister said those joining the war 'to take selfies and Instagram shots' could end up dragging the UK into the conflict.
Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said soldiers will be driving the tanker fleets soon.
More than 2,500 properties, many of them student flats, have been evacuated around the site of the discovery.
Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock have Covid-19, and 759 people in the UK have now died after testing positive. Here's the latest.
The archbishop has expressed regrets and apologies for a massacre by British colonial forces upon hundreds of Indians participating in a demonstration for independence 100 years ago. He also prostrated in prayer at the memorial for the victims.
Lieutenant Colonel Craig Palmer ran towards the explosion on the District Line train.
You may not even be aware that the US still has a compulsory draft for all males.
Lance Corporal Kyle Harris had been suffering from PTSD, a court heard.
When a stray dog wagged his tail at me on a battlefield, little did we know it would change life for both of us