Ukip Campaign Bus Crashes While Performing A U-Turn

Ukip Campaign Bus Crashes While Performing A U-Turn

The Ukip campaign double-decker bus collided with a railway station canopy as the driver attempted to manoeuvre out of a car park after greeting party leader Nigel Farage.

The purple bus, with only one passenger on board, arrived at Portsmouth and Southsea railway station to greet Farage, who is visiting the Hampshire city as part of his campaign for the forthcoming European elections.

But the collision happened as the bus appeared to make a U-turn as it could not fit under the railway platform bridge at the exit of the car park.

The bus appeared to suffer damage to the front although only minor damage appeared to have been sustained by the canopy.

People gathered and looked out at windows laughing at the bus's mishap, which happened after Farage had left to meet local people. Staff at the railway station also came out of the building to inspect the damage to the canopy.


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