Well That Was Awkward: Watch Robert Jeffrey Blank's Graduation Backflip At Davenport University Go Wrong

Graduation Backflip Goes Hideously Wrong

Well that was awkward. Student Robert Jeffrey Blank must be burning up with humiliation after he tried to show off and do a backflip when collecting his degree - but ended up falling flat on his face. Literally.

The rather embarrassing incident happened at Davenport University in Michigan, where the name announcer was left lost for words following Blank's failed gymnastics display.

"Oh. Ok," she says as Blank lands face first on the floor. "I don't know. I don't know. Just going to give it - going to give it a minute."

The video has already had more than 17,000 views and, unfortunately for Blank's pride, it's most probably only going to get more.

Well that's one way to go out in style.

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