EDL Error: Men Chucked Out Of Pub For Wearing Patriotic Outfits On St George's Day

A group of friends were left slightly surprised after they refused service at a pub because they were wearing England flag t-shirts - and staff feared they were members of the EDL.

Peter Kinselley, 52, went for a drink with eight friends after work to toast to St George's Day dressed in patriotic garments including England football shirts, white waistcoats with red crosses and St George's top hats.

But a barman at the Hobgoblin Pub, in Bath, Somerset, refused to serve the group of factory workers - and claimed they "looked like trouble".

The member of staff said he feared they were EDL members - and turned them away.

Peter, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, said the group were not "fanatical" about celebrating the patron saint's day, but that the pub's attitude had made him more determined to mark the occasion.

He said: "We weren't being abusive - if we were, I could understand the reason why he didn't serve us.

"We weren't singing or shouting or anything like that - we just wanted a drink. I am not racist in any way myself."

One of the group added: "We only went in for a quiet pint after work and got dressed up a bit for St George's Day.

"What's wrong with that? Everyone gets green gear on for St Patrick's Day. But apparently that made us look like racists. It's ridiculous."

Peter added they had encountered no problems in the other pubs they visited, and that they had not been drunk.

The manager of the Hobgoblin did not comment.

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