MH370 Missing Plane 'Found' By Scientific Firm GeoResonance Who Claim To Have Uncovered 'Wreckage' (PICTURES)

An Australian survey company claims it has located the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airline Flight 370, lying on the ocean floor in the Bay of Bengal - 5000km from the current search area.

Tech firm GeoResonance who typically look for oil, gas and mineral deposits, said its sensor technology has found the doomed passenger plane 118 miles south of Bangladesh.

The company said images taken of the area show the apparent wreckage appeared between the 5th and 10th of March 2014 – the plane disappeared on March 8.

"The company is not declaring this is MH370, however it should be investigated," GeoResonance said in a statement.

The company's director, David Pope, said he only went public with the information after he felt the authorities were disregarding it.

"We're a large group of scientists, and we were being ignored, and we thought we had a moral obligation to get our findings to the authorities," he told CNN today.

MH370 found? Private firm GeoResonance claims to detect wreckage

But the Joint Agency Coordination Centre, which is co-ordinating the Indian Ocean search, dismissed the claims and said the team was “satisfied that the final resting place of the missing aircraft is in the southerly portion of the search arc”.

“The location of MH370 suggested by the GeoResonance report (in the Bay of Bengal) is not in the Australian search and rescue zone, the JACC said in a statement.

“The Australian-led search is relying on information from satellite and other data to determine the missing aircraft’s location. The location specified by the GeoResonance report is not within the search arc derived from this data.”

The claims by the firm follow a pilot from New York also stating he has found the wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airline Flight.

The recreational pilot from Tonawanda said he spent hours trawling through the images made available to the public on a crowd-sourcing website,, before coming across what he believes is the wreckage of the passenger jet.

US pilot believes he's found wreckage of MH370