05/05/2014 11:00 BST | Updated 17/10/2014 10:59 BST

10 Of The Best Views In Britain

Sara Winter via Getty Images

If your idea of escaping work stress and getting back to nature is uploading a picture of a beautiful landscape as your screen saver and staring at it between meetings, it’s high time you booked some annual leave. Or as we like to call it – a good old-fashioned holiday.

With an average of 40 days' unpaid overtime a year, Brits work the longest hours in Europe so when we do get the opportunity to escape the daily grind, it’s essential for our mental and physical wellbeing that we really make the most of it.

And making the most of your time away from the office needn’t involve breaking the bank or enduring long-haul flights. Some of the world’s most idyllic locations and spectacular scenery can be found on our own fair shores.

Admittedly, Britain may no be able to offer the sunnier climes, tropical sunsets or palm-fringed white, sandy beaches of its more exotic counterparts but its rugged coastlines, dramatic countryside and world-renowned capital city make it an ideal destination for blowing those work stresses out of the window.

What’s more, being on your doorstep means you can spend less time travelling and more time drinking in the views.

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From crumbling castles and craggy cliffs to sculptures at sunset and spectacular cityscapes, here are ten of our favourite British views. Picking just ten was a tricky task so please add to the list and tell us about your own favourite views around Britain in the comment box below.