06/05/2014 07:02 BST | Updated 06/05/2014 07:59 BST

That's More Like It: Two THOUSAND Cambridge Students Party On Caesarian Sunday

We were getting a little concerned after the lacklustre performance of Oxford students during their annual May Day celebrations, but leave it to Cambridge students to set things right again.

Around two THOUSAND of them descended on a park in the city for Caesarian Sunday - and showed their historical rivals how to party. Far from meekly obeying signs to behave and not jump in the river (Oxford University, we're looking at you), Cambridge University students ignored their college's pleas to steer clear of the frivolities and instead continued the 80 year-long tradition of debauchery in the sunshine.

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Caesarian Sunday Sees Cambridge Students Drinking Port Out Of Condoms, Stripping And Vomiting In Park

May Day: Now V Then

Caesarian Sunday heralds the start of summer parties, with the even more notorious Suicide Sunday marking the end of the exams season.

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A fight between the Caesarians and their Girton College rivals usually kicks off the festivities but was banned this year by college chiefs.

According to the Daily Mail: "By the end of the afternoon many of the students could barely stand and had to be supported by their friends, others were seen vomiting on the grass and litter was left strewn across the park."

Cambridge News added: "One group of students brought a large bucket full of alcohol along with them and took it in turns throwing their heads and shoulders into the container.

"Students were pulled along and tipped out of stolen supermarket trollies and ran around as they soaked each other with water pistols."

The local paper disdainfully added: "Locals and visitors in previous years have been upset as the historic riverside park has been left littered with rubbish, empty bottles and vomit.

"This year proved no different as horrified dog walkers hurried through the grounds while Cambridge students ran around and shouted across the park to one another.

"Undergraduates also drank from bottles of wine just feet away from where young children were playing."

According to student paper Varsity: "Caesarian Sunday sees the annual fight between the Girton ‘Green Giants’ and the Caesarians on Jesus Green.

"Legend has it that a member of the Green Giants stole a bottle of Pimms from a member of the Caesarians. The bottle was subsequently thrown at the gro up of Caesarians in a challenge to a fight. The day sees most college drinking societies descend on the Green for a day of drinking."