08/05/2014 06:38 BST | Updated 08/05/2014 06:59 BST

Tom Cruise To Be On 3 Red Carpets, 3 Countries, 1 Day, For 'Edge Of Tomorrow' Premieres

Tom Cruise has set himself a big challenge, even by his usual red carpet standards.

The 'Mission Impossible' star is set to lead the cast of 'Edge of Tomorrow' in a worldwide event, attending three premieres in three different countries in one day.

In the sci-film blockbuster, Tom’s character relives the events of one day over and over in an epic battle to save the world. The story begins as he arrives in London, making that city the perfect place to kick off this global event.

Tom Cruise is a red carpet veteran, but this is ambitious, even for him

At 7am on 28 May, Tom and Emily Blunt will be on the red carpet in London for the first fan screening. From there, as in the film, they'll travel to Paris, to be on the red carpet at 2pm.

The final premiere will take the stars back to the US, where they are due to be on the red carpet at 10pm (making suitable use of the time difference over the Atlantic to beat the clock. The film is due to start in New York at 11.59pm.

Tom isn't the first star to attempt something on this scale. In the autumn of 2012, Rihanna infamously invited selected press and fans along for the ride when she visited seven countries in seven days, to perform seven short shows, finishing in New York.

Although that plan was huge in concept, the reaction to the expedition grew rather muted as the week went on, as the weary press travelling on the plane complained that they seldom saw Rihanna, who kept herself to herself in the pointy end of the plane, only appearing once or twice during the entire week.

No doubt, Tom Cruise's far more reliable smile will be on show for the full 24 hours. The only challenge will be whether he and his co-stars will be able to keep to schedule.

Tom is famous for spending many happy hours on the red carpet, taking photographs with fans, talking to their mums on the phone, often staying a lot longer than he, or his security team, planned. Fortunately, it's a private jet taking him between the three countries, so there won't be any queue-jumping going on at Heathrow.

'Edge of Tomorrow' will be in UK cinemas, including IMAX screens, from 30 May. Watch the trailer below...