Emily Blunt

Emily gifted her co-star a rather luxurious pillow — only for things to go terribly awry.
Don’t worry, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt came to her rescue after the embarrassing hiccup.
Blunt reflected on the cast's experience filming the 2006 movie during a conversation with former co-star Anne Hathaway.
The cast was set to be revealed when the SAG-AFTRA strikes ended…
The Devil Wears Prada star admitted she was "old enough to know better" in a statement.
New seasons of Big Mouth and Lupin are coming to the streaming platform this month, as is David Beckham's long-awaited documentary.
Award-winning stars of the big and small screen all auditioned for the role of Sophie Sheridan before it went to the former Mean Girls star.
From Christopher Nolan's unusual writing method, to the cast member with a secret scientist past...
"It's an artistic choice that some people disagree with, and that’s their right," director Christopher Nolan said.
One of Emily's on-set habits drove the Oscar-nominated director "crazy", so she knew exactly what to buy him when filming finished.