12/05/2014 08:45 BST | Updated 12/05/2014 11:59 BST

Lily Allen Hits Out At Gary Barlow After Alleged Tax Avoidance Scheme, Adding Disapproval Of David Cameron's Comments

Lily Allen has taken to Twitter to criticise Gary Barlow, voicing her dismay at the Take That singer’s alleged tax-dodging and later adding further comments criticising David Cameron's reaction to the news.

Gary and two of his band mates are reportedly facing a £20 million bill after it was revealed that they have apparently paid into a tax avoidance scheme.

Lily Allen and Gary Barlow

Plenty of Twitter users have used the social networking site to share their thoughts on the matter and now Lily, who is currently suffering from food poisoning, has given her thoughts.

“I dedicate my next sick to to you lot. #taxdodging,” she wrote, adding: “Can't get through to NHSDirect , no midwives in your area ? Well at least the Queen got a nice birthday party/jubilee , whatever @GaryBarlow.”

She later added: "Whatever you think about Gary Barlow, who i'm sure went into this tax relief scheme completely innocently, When the prime minister, THE.PRIME.MINISTER essentially says it's alright not to pay tax when your such a "good bloke", that's not dope".

Gary, Mark Owen and Howard Donald, along with their manager, all reportedly invested in a £66 million Icebreaker Management partnership, which was billed as a music-industry investment scheme.

Howard, Gary and Mark all allegedly paid into the scheme

However, a court ruling on 9 May 2014 decided that the partnership was actually a tax avoidance scheme for the ‘ultra-rich’.

Gary and the rest of the band are yet to comment on the matter, and Jason Orange and former Take That singer Robbie Williams are not involved.

Members of the public have called for Gary to hand back his OBE, though David Cameron has disagreed, praising the former ‘X Factor’ judge’s charity work during an interview on Sky News.

“Gary Barlow has done a huge amount for charity, raising a huge amount for Children in Need,” he said.

Lily’s recent illness has been the focus of many of her social media updates in recent weeks and the star has even shared a Miley Cyrus-style selfie, taken on her hospital bed.

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