Tattoo Selfies: The World Groans At This Duck Face Attempt

If You're Going To Tattoo A Selfie, Don't Choose A Duck Face

After a picture of a woman supposedly getting a very unflattering selfie tattooed on her arm was posted much to the horror of the web, it was revealed that the person who got the tattoo was actually the woman's ex-boyfriend.

Does this make things better?

Not one iota. As Cambio said (although they got the recipient of the tattoo wrong): "A duck face is not a thing that should be immortalized. And yet a sad soul appears to have gotten a tattoo of her pursed lip taking a selfie—which might be a modern-day sign of the apocalypse."

Selfie trends - from belfies (bum selfies) to couplies (work it out yourself) are irritating enough without them being given permanent residence.

What are your thoughts? Worse than the guy who got a Nando's bum tattoo or not?

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