Bride Demanded Boob Job To Fix 'Cocker Spaniel Ears' Breasts Before Getting Married

Bride Demands Boob Job To Fix 'Cocker Spaniel Ears' Breasts

Most brides are content with an engagement ring, but Rochelle Bathew from Derby went one step further: as leverage for getting married, she asked for a boob job.

Her fiance Ryan spent £4,000 for her new breasts - she wanted the plastic surgery after she felt that breastfeeding her kids left them deflated and uneven.

She went from 34B to 34FF.

Full-time mum Rochelle, 22, said: "I'd always hated my small boobs, but after I had my two children, they were saggy too - they looked like a Cocker Spaniel's ears.

"I did everything I could to hide them, and there is no way I was going to walk down the aisle with everyone looking at me in a dress like that.

"Some people have said I'm vain, but I don't mind admitting that - I want to look my best for my husband. They did make me feel insecure, but it wasn't simply vanity that made me have surgery - I wanted to be a stunning bride.

"Ryan knew how much I wanted bigger boobs, and I knew he'd buy them for me - he just wanted me to be happy on my wedding day."

Rochelle had her operation on 14 December and was married by 1 March. It took just three months for Rochelle to fully recover from her operation.

And since having her implants, Rochelle has become an Instagram sensation - after setting up an account dedicated to photos of her new 'twins'.

Rochelle fell pregnant for the second time in 2012 and breast fed both her children - something that left her hating her boobs even more.

She said: "They were saggy and lifeless, it made me feel depressed when I saw other girls with big boobs, they always seemed happy and confident. Ryan turned to me one day and said, 'if we're going to get married soon then you'll need to get a boob job.'

"I knew he loved me as I was but equally he wanted to see me happy."

Rochelle before the operation

The couple booked an appointment to see a cosmetic surgeon at MYA Plastic Surgery Clinic in Birmingham. Rochelle said: "Ryan paid for my surgery, it was my wedding gift, they cost him £3950. He wanted me to look my best just as much as I did. In December 2013 my dream came true - I went from a deflated, uneven 32B to a 30FF.

"Our wedding was perfect - we hired a stately home and my big white dress looked amazing. We had a mini-moon afterwards where we spent a few days at a spa - any excuse to get a bikini on. Having your boobs done takes courage, fair play to anyone who changes something they don't like. I view surgery like most girls view fake eye lashes, it really isn't a big deal."

"Since having my boob job I have set up an Instagram page for my new twin girls, I have named them Heidi and Audrini from The Hills. I set up the instagram page so that other women could see what I've achieved - my motto is, if you don't like something about yourself, change it!"

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