Formula 1 Concept Imagines What The Sport Will Look Like In 2033

The world of Formula 1 is an incredibly fast evolving sport - by the end of the season cars that only a few months earlier were the cutting edge of technology are obsolete.

So to imagine what the sport will look like in 2033 is no mean feat.

Luckily, Burn energy drink and Lotus F1 Team, have taken it upon themselves to do just that with a new documentary detailing the possible innovations that could arise.

A concept sketch of a future car

To boost the imagination credentials of the team even further by Hollywood vehicle designer Harold Belker who worked on the vehicles for Tron and Minority Report has been drafted in.

Perhaps the most out-there suggestion is that drivers will wear Oculus Rift-style displays in their helmets which could display, amongst other things, display a virtual representation of the slipstream of the car in front.

Lotus F1 Team driver Romain Grosjean, said: "Humans need to remain at the heart of Formula One," he said. "And the real answer for the future of the sport is where technology meets people.

"The fans love the unpredictability of a human driver, I don’t think that will change, we need to look to a future where technology can truly enhance the performance of drivers."

Watch the trailer for the film above and if it tickles your fancy there are links to the full film embedded within the video.

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