Dan Bilzerian's Naked Girls, Guns & Goats: Inside The World Of Instagram's Poker Billionaire (PICTURES)

Naked Girls, Guns & Goats: Inside The World Of Instagram Poker Billionaire Dan Bilzerian (PICTURES)

Dan Bilzerian is famous for being insanely rich and relentlessly promoting his playboy lifestyle to his near 2 million followers on Instagram.

He made his fortune playing poker and appears to spend his days surrounded by naked women and guns.

Janice Griffith broke her foot on the way down and hinted at legal action during a later interview with TMZ.

But Bilzerian continues to heavily promote his Bacchanalian lifestyle nonetheless – with a recent post uploaded to Twitter and Instagram for good measure, musing: “You people may think it’s easy to ride motorcycles around the house butt naked and fuck big titty broads… Well it’s not, but.. #IDoItForThePeople."

It was of course, accompanied by a picture of himself naked, straddling a motorbike and flanked by two women.

In six hours the post had been “liked” by more than 106,000 people. What's more a Google trends search reveals a massive spike in online searches for the self-confessed "actor/ astronaut/ asshole" since February 2014.

A Google trends search has revealed a massive spike in interest in Bilzerian since February

As well as semi-naked women and weaponry, the bearded billionaire appears to be an animal lover too, peppering his Instagram with images of his various pets.

Including the lion-esque cat which occasionally accompanies him on his travels or poses amongst his guns, Bilzerian has recently acquired a “surly pet goat” named Zeus.

So with all these facts in mind, let's take a look at the world of Dan Bilzarian...

Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian's Instagram

Dan Bilzerian's Instagram (CONTAINS NUDITY)

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