14/05/2014 12:45 BST | Updated 14/05/2014 12:59 BST

Gay Penguins Adopt Abandoned Chick In Kent Zoo, Wingham Wildlife Park (PICTURES)

Two adorable male penguins are rearing a chick at a zoo in Kent after the egg was abandoned by its parents.

Kermit and Jumbs are a same sex pair of Penguins who pair bonded over 2 years ago at Wingham Wildlife Park. Whilst unable to reproduce themselves, the zoo gave them an egg this year which had been abandoned by one the females.

The couple have since hatched the egg and the zoo said "the 1 month old baby is showing that these two penguins are excellent surrogate parents, and dare we say some of the best penguin parents we have here.

"They are doing very well and we have our fingers crossed that their chick will grow up to join the rest of our group in a couple of months," keepers added.

Comparatively, each time female Isobel lays an egg, her partner Hurricane refuses to sit on it.

Jackie Binskin, the wife of the park owner, said Hurricane was a "very inconsiderate partner who is happy to get Isobel pregnant", then "seems to think that his job is done".