Beyoncé's Faded Wedding Ring Tattoo Prompts Laser Removal Speculation Following Solange's Alleged Jay Z Attack (PICS)

Is Beyoncé Having Her Wedding Tattoo Removed?

Beyoncé has sparked speculation she’s been having the tattoo on her wedding finger lasered off, after the inking looked noticeably faded when she was photographed at a basketball game with husband Jay Z over the weekend, days after her sister Solange's allegedly attacked the rapper.

The singer has ‘IV’ - the Roman numeral for the number ‘four’ - tattooed in red ink on her ring finger, a reference to the date the couple got married, April 4.

Beyoncé on Saturday night, where her tattoo looks more faded than usual

The number ‘4’ obviously holds a place close to Beyoncé’s heart as her birthday is September 4, her album is also named ‘4’ and she even went as far as calling her baby Blue Ivy, with some speculating this was because it sounds like ‘IV’.

However, the tattoo was barely noticeable as she and Jay Z watched a basketball match together on Saturday, just days after her sister Solange allegedly attacked the music mogul in a lift.

A closer look at Beyoncé's faded tattoo

Beyoncé added fuel to the rumours after she posted a curious photo on her Tumblr page of her finger covered with a plaster, prompting speculation she could be in the process of having it removed.

The tattoo acts as a permanent wedding ring for Beyoncé, for when her strict rehearsal schedule and vigorous onstage performances mean wearing an 18-carat diamond ring probably isn’t the best idea.

Beyoncé covers her tattoo with a plaster

Footage of what appeared to be Solange attacking Jay Z surfaced on Monday, although it’s not yet known what caused the altercation.

However, Beyoncé published several photos with her sister on her Instagram page on Wednesday, which gave the impression there were no hard feelings between the Knowles sisters.

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