Lift The Skirt Campaign: Boys In France Join The Fight Against Sexism By Wearing Skirts

We all know children are the future, and schools in France are using a somewhat unusual way to change attitudes towards sexism in the country.

Education chiefs in the city of Nantes, western France, have caused a stir by inviting male pupils to take a stand against sexism and inequality by wearing skirts to school today (16 May).

We don't know what's more impressive: the fact that this was the brainwave of the boys themselves, or that they'd like to be part of the fight for equality for women.

Considering this is HuffPost UK's month of Men, we couldn't be prouder.

Schoolboys at 27 lycées in the city have been given the option of ditching their trousers for the day and replacing them with a skirt as part of a movement called 'Lift the Skirt' (Ce que soulève la jupe).

For boys who prefer not to take up the option of flashing their legs in front of classmates, they can wear a sticker supporting the event, which reads “I am fighting against sexism, are you?”

The campaign stems from a similar protest organized in France last year that also saw some male teachers participating.

However, the day of educational fun hasn't been welcomed by all this year. Representatives from France's anti-gay marriage movement have called for the day to be canceled.

After a poster for the "What Lifts the Skirt" protest was shared on social media, some chastised the school system for explicitly asking boys to wear skirts.

The authorities have insisted that participating in the initiative is not compulsory. Instead, the school board is inviting teens - whether they're male or female - to voluntarily take part in the demonstration.

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