German Man Makes Devil Man Look Like A Wimp With Massive Cheek Hole Piercing (GRAPHIC)

We thought we'd seen it all with Diablo Delenfer, the self-titled Devil Man who had body modifications to include horns and a forked tongue.

But enter one Joel Miggler, a 23-year-old German body enthusiast who has gone one step further: he's created giant cheek holes in his face which offers a side view of his teeth.

Talking about his cheeks, he said: "They have no special name, I guess you can call them stretched or big cheeks. I’ve cut them 3 times and stretched them many milimetres. They are now 36mm wide.”

Well, you may be thinking while wagging your finger, I bet it's going to be hard for him to get a girlfriend. But Miggler has no worries on that front: he already has one and she doesn't mind.

Eating doesn't apparently create a problem: "The jewellery doesn't touch my teeth and makes no problem with eating and drinking. I only can take smaller bites than before.”

However, when it's time for soup, he has to plug the holes, much in the manner of a bathtub.

Miggler gets a lot more abuse online in than he does in the street, where people mostly stop and stare. He adds: "“For sure people judge me for my body mods — mostly bad — but I don't care what they say.”

Take a look at some more pics: