19/05/2014 06:24 BST | Updated 19/05/2014 07:59 BST

German Man Makes Devil Man Look Like A Wimp With Massive Cheek Hole Piercing (GRAPHIC)

We thought we'd seen it all with Diablo Delenfer, the self-titled Devil Man who had body modifications to include horns and a forked tongue.

But enter one Joel Miggler, a 23-year-old German body enthusiast who has gone one step further: he's created giant cheek holes in his face which offers a side view of his teeth.

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He goes by the name Bodymoded Punky on social media, and revealed to the Daily Telegraph in Australia that he had been experimenting on himself since the age of 13 when he began stretching his earlobe.

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Talking about his cheeks, he said: "They have no special name, I guess you can call them stretched or big cheeks. I’ve cut them 3 times and stretched them many milimetres. They are now 36mm wide.”


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Well, you may be thinking while wagging your finger, I bet it's going to be hard for him to get a girlfriend. But Miggler has no worries on that front: he already has one and she doesn't mind.

Eating doesn't apparently create a problem: "The jewellery doesn't touch my teeth and makes no problem with eating and drinking. I only can take smaller bites than before.”

However, when it's time for soup, he has to plug the holes, much in the manner of a bathtub.

Miggler gets a lot more abuse online in than he does in the street, where people mostly stop and stare. He adds: "“For sure people judge me for my body mods — mostly bad — but I don't care what they say.”

Take a look at some more pics:



joel with girlfriend

(H/T: NYDaily News)