10 Things That University Of Leeds Students Will Miss Most When They Graduate

The University of Leeds combines impressive Russell Group credentials with a vast array of locations to drink, party and generally enjoy student life.

Its buzzing city teems with fun-loving young people, making it virtually impossible not to have an unforgettable degree experience.

The campus offers something for everyone. There is gorgeous architecture (Ziff Building) and functional architecture (Roger Stevens). There are places for cheap bites (Terrace) and overpriced snacks (Essentials). The well-equipped union and 24 hour libraries means that, thankfully, having to ever leave it is not a given.

If you want to spend all day looking deep in thought, with a laptop and latte, the Hidden Café is an appropriately hipster hangout. Alternatively, when you actually want to get work done, then the sometimes sweltering and always-stuffy Edward Boyle will not let you down. Though genuine hard work is only ever accomplished in the immediate run up to a deadline, the university’s great facilities leave no room for complaints.

Despite this, students love a moan. Let us not forget that waking up late, turning up to the odd lecture and buying a ready meal from Sainsbury’s Local requires a tremendous amount of energy. This struggle is nothing, however, when the adult world is taken into consideration.

With deadlines approaching and exams on the horizon, there has never been a better time to procrastinate. So, let the reminiscing begin and forget the horrifying prospect of a 9 till 5 for just a while longer. Here are 10 things Leeds students will miss most when they graduate.