Burger King And McDonalds Attempt Publicity Revamp, Fail (PICTURES)

Be warned. Walk into a Burger King and you could be left suffering an existential crisis, while buying a simple Happy Meal from McDonalds could give you nightmares.

The fast-food giants have attempted a publicity revamp, but based on the backlash both are receiving on Twitter, it's not going very well.

After 40-years of the slogan “Have It Your Way,” Burger King is scrapping it in favour of the more personal and grammatically challenged “Be Your Way.”

What does this mean? We're not sure either, but it sounds deep.

Burger King says that the new motto is intended to remind people that “they can and should live how they want anytime. It’s ok to not be perfect … Self-expression is most important and it’s our differences that make us individuals instead of robots.”


Unfortunately, many Twitter users are not convinced by the megacorp's emotional appeal.

The company, along with McDonald’s, is fighting to boost sales at a time when people are moving toward foods they feel are fresher or higher quality.

So, how has McDonalds sought to counteract a potential loss of customers in the US?

With this:

Kids, say hello to 'Happy' – the terrifying new Happy Meal mascot, who apparently has been designed to promote healthy eating, not the summoning of Satan.

With his slightly too human-looking teeth, and meth addict eyes, Happy has been leaving social media users quivering in front of their computers.

McDonald’s has trod “Happy”-like territory before, with a recent clown makeover that got just about the same reaction.