Father's Day Gift Guide For The Man Who Has Everything (PICTURES)

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With Father’s Day on the horizon – on 15 June – it’s time to start thinking about how you’d like to pay tribute to the father figure(s) in your life.

But whether you’re honouring your dad, step-dad, grandfather, father-in-law or the father of your children, finding the right way to express what they mean to you in the shape of one meaningful gift can be tricky – particularly when you’re dealing with the man who appears to have everything.

And ‘having everything’ is by no means confined to the modern dad, weighed down with his multiple mobile devices and all the trappings of our technology-driven consumer culture.

Unfortunately, that doesn't really help when it comes to shopping for a present to show your appreciation so it's little wonder so many of us give up on the quest for the perfect gift and resort to the obligatory socks and chocs.

But Father’s Day is your chance to express your love and gratitude to a man who has offered you guidance, support, advice and a lifetime of bad jokes. And there is a limit to how much of that you can convey through a sock – even if it is Jaeger’s finest cashmere.

So whether it’s a bottle of fine whisky bought with the express intention of spending an evening together to enjoy it while reminiscing about the good times or a personalised keepsake with a heartfelt message that will always be there to remind him how you feel, make sure this year’s Father’s Day gift communicates what you really want to say to him.

Personalised Whisky

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