Man Posts Incredibly Brave Video Talking About His Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) - The Internet Hugs Back

After a Reddit user posted a thread saying that he was considering suicide because he has gynecomastia - the condition that causes boys’ and men’s breasts to swell and become larger than normal - also known as man boobs, one YouTube poster replied back with a touching message and a link to a touching video.

In the message, YouTube user Chris wrote:

I just want to tell you that it's okay to feel the way you do. You're not wrong in feeling the way you do, it's only natural given the problem we're facing. It's difficult and I've felt the same way, and still do at times.

I was supposed to end my life two years ago, I told myself that if I didn't feel better about my life and was still living in misery that I would end my life on my 26th birthday - but I'm still here. I have my good days and bad days of course. It's not easy. I still have my man boobs.

The video that Chris posted was incredibly brave, and features him topless, facing the camera, talking about his condition. In it, he says: "Sorry if I offend you, there is a good purpose to this video. I am making this just to make a statement. I used to be very overweight but as far as I can remember I've had breasts. And they're not little and they are quite breast-y. I'm quite chesty as you can see.

He goes on to say: "It hasn't made my life easy as you can imagine. I'm not depressed, not at all. Yes I'm sad but not depressed. What I am, however, is very frustrated, I am frustrated with the cards that I have been dealt.

"If you're dealing with gynecomastia, I wouldn't say you have depression, you can just get frustrated with your situation. You can get frustrated to a point where you just don't want to do anything, you don't want to experience anything good or bad."

He finishes by telling the watcher that he is there for them, if they need to talk to him.

In response, Chris could have been trolled - in fact, it's what we come to expect when someone says something brave or happens to be different. And while there have been some mean comments, the majority are supportive.

One said: "It must of (sic) took you lots of courage to make this video ." Another wrote: "Thank you so much for making this video and letting others know that they are not alone. "

User John Hall wrote: "I'm so ..... I actually teared up watching this. You're so brave and everything you said hit me deep. I have had the same problem as you but I had the operation when I was 16 but the doctor didn't do enough."

On reaching out to the Redditor who posted his suicidal statement, one said: "Truly selfless. You put yourself out there to help another person. I hope this reaches him and thank you."