Weird Baby Name Alert: Parents Are Naming Their Children 'Kale'

Dear Parents, Stop Naming Your Children After Superfoods. It's Weird.
Kelvin Murray via Getty Images

If you thought Apple was a weird name to call your child, think again. Now (seemingly tasteless) parents have taken to naming their children after everyone's favourite superfood - kale.

In 2013 there were 262 newborns named Kale in the US, according to America's Social Security Administration. And of these young Kales 257 were boys, while there were just five girls.

The figures, reported in Bon Appétit, revealed many other popular food-themed first names in 2013, including Olive (1,086 girls), Pepper (152 girls) and Apple (27 girls).


Kale - a food, not a baby

Now we love kale as much as the next health hipster - whether in a green smoothie, a stir-fry or a salad. But we draw the line at babies.

Because if there's one sure-fire way to get your child bullied at school, it's naming them after a vegetable. Newsflash: kids don't like eating vegetables! And sending your child into school with a leafy green namesake is like sending a lamb to the slaughter.

What is the most bizarre child's name you've heard of late? Let us know in the comments below.