So long, kale and avocado. Food industry analysts predict the next big produce trends.
CDC ranks salad greens and kale came in surprisingly low.
It's the middle of the summer and that time of the year when people start considering blended drinks for breakfast. The best place to look for recipes for such things is the internet. That's probably how you're reading this now, and thank you.
Another person was quick to point out that the ‘flower’ wasn’t actually ‘lettuce’, but purple kale.  So fancy.  There are
There are so many varieties of flower out there, which can make the process of buying them incredibly difficult. One guy
Basil is so important for good health, it is my 'go-to' comfort food, especially if I am feeling a little under the weather. Like carrots, basil is a rich source of beta-carotene which is needed for good vision, strong immunity and general good health. Because I can't be without it, I've come up with a few new and alternative ways to use basil and create something really special:
The challenge is that one can end up focused simply on masking the flavour of the kale with sweet things, which rather defeats the object of a smoothie. (They should still be healthy don't you think, otherwise you might as well just have a milkshake and be done with it.)
One of the many reasons I struggle to eat is because of the guilt I feel about it. When I am eating I feel like I am committing
I hardly used to eat any vegetables so the fact that this salad is made up of kale of all things means it had to be pretty tasty! This is now one of my all time favourite kale recipes that I go back to again and again...