#WhatIsPretty: Beyoncé Asks Fans To Redefine Beauty... Their Responses Almost Broke The Internet

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

When Beyoncé asks you to do something, you do it. And so when the star called upon fans to help her redefine beauty, they all but tripped over their phone chargers to lend a hand.

The request was simple: upload a picture, video or caption that encapsulates your own idea of beauty. Use the hashtag #whatispretty. Become part of a tour de force challenging conventional beauty ideals... with Beyoncé at the helm.

Featuring on Instagram and its very own website (see below), Bey's social media project echoes the theme of her upcoming single 'Pretty Hurts'.

The resulting images are a montage of picturesque scenes and snapshots of intimate relationships between friends and family. They act as a powerful and communal antidote to the damaging messages about body image that engulf the media and its consumers.

Because, as Beyoncé highlights in the single 'Pretty Hurts', people are too quick to focus on their own flaws rather than championing their strengths and own brand of beauty.

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