21/05/2014 06:37 BST | Updated 21/05/2014 06:59 BST

Ed Miliband Tries To Look Natural For The Cameras, Gloriously Fails, Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Ed Miliband has clearly been working on his Blue Steel, Ferrari and Le Tigre looks. But Magnum wasn’t ready, he should have tamed that beast before letting it out of its cage and unleashing it on the British public.

A strangely hypnotic Vine clip of the Labour leader "looking natural" and working it for the cameras has gone viral.

"Ok Ed.. Look natural," a voice can be heard saying off-camera, "natural Ed," the voice pleads again as Ed grimaces at the camera.

The "most painful two seconds you will see today" has even been given a number of catchy soundtracks, including Careless Whisper. Dreamy.


The painful footage follows the news that Miliband's new election strategist is implementing an image overhaul for the Labour leader.

We can't imagine why...

David Axelrod has got his work cut out - a recent poll suggested 40% of voters think Miliband is either "weird" or "very weird".

We here at HuffPost UK thought we would help him out with some potential makeovers...

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