Thigh Gap Plastic Surgery Offers To Zap Your Unsightly Leg Blubber

This Promises To Zap Your Unsightly Leg Blubber *Groans*

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Not a week goes by without some sort of plastic surgery announcement offering to narrow your waist or insert a bra underneath your skin.

This week is clearly thigh gap week, as a clinic based in Dallas offers a cold laser therapy called Zerona that will zap your thunder thighs until they are socially acceptable. (Although we'd like to have no part in that type of society, thanks).

There is no invasive surgery involved and is apparently pain free. CBS ran a report quoting a client called Tara who said: “Every girl wants the gap.”

Erm, not us, Tara.

Although Tara is a gym bunny and eats healthily, she says: "It’s just a really hard area to target. So, I don’t want any major surgery, liposuction, or something crazy like that.”

Apparently the treatment works by flushing away the fat cells in that particular area.

Lindy West, writing on Jezebel, commented: "If you could shoot a fat person with a laser and make them thin, YOU'D KNOW ABOUT IT ALREADY. It doesn't work, is what I'm saying. Keep your money. Go for a bike ride."

While it may seem like just another treatment focussing on body modification, the obsession with thigh gap is an unhealthy one. If you have one already, more power to you. But it should not be something people should be aspiring to because a) it's something that pro-ana sites jump on and b)most of us just don't have the right body shape.

Obsessing about toned arms? Now that we can get on board with.