Samsung Is Making Its Own Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung is said to be working on a virtual reality headset for Android phones and tablets.

Never ones to let a trend slip past by, the South Korean tech giant is apparently trying to piggyback on the success of Oculus Rift VR - purchased by Facebook for $2 billion earlier this year - and Sony's own Project Morpheus headset.

There are few details on what exactly Samsung's effort will look like, but it is thought to be powered by a flagship Galaxy device, but will require more power than current phones.

According to Engadget, the headset will have an OLED screen which surpasses that seen on the most recent Oculus Rift development kit. It will also have a wired connection to your phone, and will probably be able to track your movement too - though how exactly is not known.

Samsung is also said to be working towards a relatively low price, and focuses on Android games rather than full-scale console releases.

As ever, there are more questions than answers at this stage in the rumour cycle. And it is fair to suppose that the first attempt might be more of a novelty than the second or third generation (like the Galaxy Gear smartwatch before it). Still, it's good to know that more companies are picking up the VR bug -- the more immersive 3D headsets the better, in our view.