Virtual-reality developers in California have created a character whose job it is to get fired every day. Barry is part of a workplace training tool to help management and employees deal with difficult situations.
This new type of VR makes you sense as well as see things 👀.
Your brain believes you really are inside the game!
2016 was the year that virtual reality became an everyday reality. VR headsets hit the shelves and became the latest gadget to feel consumer hype with Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive all launching last year.
Technology ain't what it used to be, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence have dominated the tech landscapes in recent years and as these technologies become more commonplace, consumers from across the spectrum are beginning to see the benefits they can offer
Last summer's phenomenon, Pokémon Go, which was downloaded onto more than 5% of Android phones in the US within just two days of its release and exceeded both Snapchat and Twitter in terms of daily active users, provided a first mainstream look at the potential of augmented reality in the gaming industry.
Basic principals here: you must understand the difference between different formats. Understanding the immersive qualities of the different formats and the amount of viewer engagement helps a filmmaker explore and deliver content appropriate to the specific technology..
However, there is also much promise, with productivity gap concerns finally sparking further investment in education and skills to combat the UK's longer-term economic pressures. The key for closing our digital skills gap will be ensuring a significant portion of that investment goes towards STEM initiatives in schools. But where to invest?
Despite a crisis which saw over 20 staff members quit a couple of months ago, Eurovision fans should breathe a sigh of relief: the show will go on. While die-hard fans will have spent a significant amount of money to travel to the Ukraine this year, most of Eurovision's 180 million viewers will be tuning in to watch it in their own homes.
Don't get me wrong, I love Guinness World Records and I have a long and happy association with them. However, virtual reality is saddled with an image problem, one of nauseating game-play and fellas mostly wasting their time. Sadly, these types of endurance records reinforce it.