24/05/2014 11:57 BST | Updated 24/05/2014 12:00 BST

Curse Of Cameron To Strike Again? Prime Minister Becomes Proud Owner Of Beats Headphones


Do you own a set of supercool Beats headphones? Bin them. They're no longer cool, David Cameron likes them.

The so-called 'Curse of Cameron' may have reared its terrifying head again after Downing Street revealed that the Prime Minister is now the proud owner of Dr Dre's designer ear gear.

The Independent reported that the snazzy £199 headphones were the only "gift" that Mr Cameron received in the last few months that he decided he would pay money to keep.

But Cameron's endorsement couldn't have come at a worse time for Beats.

The fashionable headphone brand is currently negotiating a multi-billion sale to Apple.

According to various media reports, Apple could be about to pay more than $3.2 billion - it's biggest ever acquisition.


Poor old Dave's curse started after a number of Britain's sporting stars fell upon hard times shortly after receiving some gentle prime ministerial encouragement.

The Prime Minister’s presence seemed to hex every British athlete he saw during the Olympics and Wimbledon, along with Lewis Hamilton, the entire England rugby union and pretty much every football team he goes near.

A campaign was even launched to try and halt the jinx under the hashtag #BanCam.