25/05/2014 05:36 BST | Updated 25/05/2014 05:59 BST

Jeremy Clarkson To Sign New BBC £12 Million Contract Just Weeks After N-Word Controversy

James Moy/James Moy Photography/Press Association Images
Jeremy Clarkson (GBR) Top Gear TV Presenter at the Amber Lounge Fashion Show.Monaco Grand Prix, Friday 23rd May 2014. Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Jeremy Clarkson is set to sign a new £12m contract - just weeks after footage emerged of him using the n-word.

The 'Top Gear' presenter is set to complete negotiations on a three-year deal that will keep him at the BBC until 2018.

A source told the Sunday People: "There is no question of Jeremy’s deal not being renewed.

“It is being worked on right now. The top executives want him signed up as soon as possible.

“We are all very ­excited that Top Gear as we know it will be with us for three more years from 2015.

Clarkson was forced to grovel an apology after a clip of him showed him mumbling the n-word while reciting a nursery rhyme in a segment from a couple of years ago.

In a video posted online, Clarkson said he "appeared" to use the word but said he had been "extremely keen" to avoid it. He said: "I am begging your forgiveness."

The incident came just a few weeks after he was embroiled in another racism row when he was accused of referring to a Asian man in an episode of the motoring show as a "slope".