Apple iWatch Will Be Round, Look Like A Watch Says Vaguest Rumour Ever

Apple iWatch Will Look Like A Watch Says Incredibly Vague Rumour

Apple's iWatch is far from confirmed but that hasn't stopped analysts from weighing into the debate with the latest reports claiming that it'll look very similar to the Moto 360. In that it'll have a round face.

You know, like a watch.

Analyst Brian Blair from Rosenblatt Securities has reportedly been speaking to sources inside the supply chain for Apple's smart watch and confirms that it'll share many design cues with the poster boy for Android's own smart watch ecosystem - the Moto 360.

Of course in the game of tech one upmanship there are going to be some clear differences, with Blair's sources reportedly claiming that it'll be thinner than Motorola's first smart watch.

Another update is actually a repeat of something we've been hearing before which is that the iWatch will actually come in two versions; one designed for men and one designed for women. Again -- just a rumour for now.

With smart watches breaking into two categories the iWatch and Moto 360 are definitely looking to blend new technologies with a more conventional design.

With Samsung’s Gear 2 and the LG G Watch both going for more angular techno-focused designs it’s looking to be a battle of right angles versus tangents for the title of the year's best wristable. Let the battle of the shapes commence.

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