There Is Now A 'Tinder' App For Adopting Dogs (Our Prayers Have Been Answered)

Forget flicking through endless online dating profiles, now there's a better way to pass the time on the bog - browsing through pictures of dogs in need of adoption.

BarkBuddyis the newest match-making app to hit iTunes, linking potential dog owners to pooches in need of a home.

The setup is very similar to Tinder. Each pooch has their own profile (including a picture and some vital stats) and, like Tinder, users swipe left for "no" and right for "yes".

The way it works is simple:

  • Download the app and refine your search settings to reflect your perfect pooch
  • Swipe through profiles of dogs in your local area
  • TIP: The more you swipe, the more finely-tuned the recommendations become (or so the app creators claim)
  • Once you've found your perfect dog, set up an meet and greet direct from the app and live happily ever after

We caught up with BarkBuddy's Chris O'Brien to find out more...

Where is the app currently available?

We're currently available in the US and Canada but plan to be in the UK App Store before the end of the year.

How many downloads do you have?

We don't have an up-to-date download number but we do track the number of swipes that BarkBuddy users have logged. Right now we're on track to do 50M swipes in the month of May. This one surprised me, I just pulled this number - the most dogs a single user has swiped through: 19,832. (that is insane!)

How many dogs do you currently have?

Right now there are 300,000 adoptable dogs on BarkBuddy.

How do you find the dogs?

BarkBuddy pulls info from the online databases of rescues and shelters across the US and Canada. We then show you the adoptable dogs in your region.

How does the app work?

While you're swiping through the profiles of these adoptable dogs, the BarkBuddy 'matchmaker' is compiling stats on the types of dogs you seem to like.

What are next steps after there has been a 'match' between dog and potential owner?

When you find your buddy, the app let's you contact the rescue organization via phone or email. If you find the perfect pup for a friend of yours, you can easily share that dogs profile to your Facebook friends.

What inspired the website?

At Bark & Co we want to make all dogs happy and healthy. Last summer, we hosted two big adoption events in NYC and LA. Instead of guilting people into adopting these 'poor' dogs, we created a party vibe, and treated them like pop up shops (or Pup Ups) and were able to get all the dogs adopted at an increased donation price. It was a lot of work, and while we got all the dogs adopted we had no impact on the actual problem. That's when we decided to build a product that showcased the dogs in a cool way.

BarkBuddy is the brainchild of pet care company Bark & Co, and is available on Android and iTunes.