This Chubby Toddler Is The Best Dancer The Internet Has Ever Seen

This Chubby Toddler Is Officially The Best Dancer We Have Ever Seen

Over the years we've been blessed with some great dancers such as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly and Michael Jackson (to name but a few).

But, despite their talents later in life, we doubt that any dancer has showed as much early potential as this adorable toddler.

Watch as she wiggles in front of the television to the laughter of her captive audience. Her moves are so damn good even her dance partner starts to join in.

IMAX, who host the video on YouTube, claim that the little girl hails from Korea. Wherever she's from, we bet she can expect a strong celebrity following from now on - the clip has been viewed more than 299,000 times (and counting).