Marine Le Pen's Front National Victory Sees Thousands Of French Students Riot

The historic victory of Marine Le Pen's far-right Front National party in the European Union elections has seen thousands of students take to the streets in France to protest.

In the wake of the results, which saw the party come top in the elections with 25% of the vote, 4,000 students gathered in Bastille to denounce Le Pen and her politicians. France's youths brandished placards including one which read: Dear Europe, we are sorry.

One student told reporters: "The election results of this weekend are not representative of France, of our values or ideals. We're here to defend our ideas."

Early last year, Le Pen was greeted by an anti-fascist protest at the University of Cambridge as she addressed students at the debating society.

Front National opposes free trade, is Eurosceptic and anti-immigration.

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