02/06/2014 07:16 BST | Updated 02/06/2014 07:59 BST

Google Wants Your Phone To Be Always Listening

Google is reportedly planning to introduce a new feature which means your phone will be constantly listening so it can respond to commands entirely hands free.

The feature was first debuted on the Moto X and works by keeping the microphone on all the time. This then allows the user to simply say 'Ok, Google' and start using the phone hands free.

According to Android Police, the new feature is condenamed 'KITT' (because of course it is), and would allow users to talk to their phones whilst driving without ever having to look at the device or touch it.

At present the feature is only available on the Moto X smartphone and has primarily been designed for simple functions like setting a reminder, or sending a text message.

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This new feature however would allow users to search Google even if the phone was turned off, as long as it was charging then the phone would be listening.

With Apple Siri and Google Now both offering handsfree voice control, Google is clearly planning to take it to the next step by removing any physical buttons entirely, instead opting for a system that, one day, would be completely controlled by voice.

For now though the company's main efforts are reportedly being focused on using KITT as a feature specifically targeted to driving with the hopes of making it safer for people to use their smartphones whilst driving.