National Employee Wellness Month: The Companies That Prize Wellbeing Over Burnout

These Companies Prove You Don't Have To Work People To The Bone
Mike Kemp via Getty Images

This week, Arianna Huffington, HuffPost's founder and CEO, has brought her new book Thrive to the UK.

And if we all try to live by her Third Metric ethos, we need to start looking at the world of work a little differently.

This month is National Employee Wellness Month (NEWM), making it the perfect time to embrace Arianna's alternative view of business.

Founded in 2009, NEWM is an initiative designed to help business leaders learn how companies can successfully engage employees in healthy lifestyles.

As part of her vision for a better work/life balance, Arianna recommends signing out of email at the end of your working day and getting enough sleep in order to be fully present and productive when you are at work. "Sleeping your way to the top" as she calls it.

The month aims to showcase how companies can support employees by creating healthy cultures and improving their health and well-being while lowering healthcare costs and driving engagement.

With that in mind, we took a look at the companies that are already creating fantastic working environments for their hard-working employees. The employee perks at Google will make you jealous...


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