Pepper Robot Knows When You're Sad, Will Give You A Hug


This is Pepper, it's a robot that can tell when you're sad. It can also help around the house or work in customer service.

Created by SoftBank, Pepper is a humanoid robot that can think by using an artificial intelligence that's based up in the cloud. As each robot learns, the cloud learns, and then passes that knowledge down to all the other robots.

Sound terrifying? Well if they were designed to end the human race then yes, but thankfully they're not. In fact that couldn't be further from the truth as Pepper is essentially you're own robot butler.

With voice recognition and advanced joint movement Pepper can tell jokes, move around and interact with people, changing the way it behaves towards you depending on your mood.

SoftBank has built Pepper in partnership with French robotics brand Aldebaran and is getting iPhone-makers Foxconn to build Pepper.

If you want to see Pepper in action you'll need to head over to Tokyo, whilst actual consumer units won't go on sale until February 2015 when it'll cost less than £2000, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare for the impending robot revolution.

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