Disturbing Article From 1913 Debates The Pros And Cons Of Beating Your Wife

A disturbing vintage article has been unearthed, debating whether or not a man should beat his wife.

The clipping, tweeted on Monday evening by Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski, was published in a 1913 newspaper and features 'experts' arguing the pros and cons of domestic violence.

Dr Waugh (who sounds like a awful human being) says: "When you find your mate, rule her! She expects you to be the head of the house.

"When she awakens your jealousy, beat her; she needs it."

Conversely, General Jones, says: "It is the feeble wall of an envious old bachelor.

"Beating a wife when she makes you jealous is the most absurd thing I ever heard of; it is part of a woman's duty to make her husband jealous; he thinks more of her."

Mrs. Howard Archibald Samuels favours the doctor's side argument: " No doubt Dr Waugh is right in some respects. IT is well known that women love best the men who are somewhat cruel to them.

"A woman who fears the wrath of her husband loves him better than one who has no fear of him at all."

It certainly is eye-opening.

For more information, advice and support about domestic violence and abuse, visit Refuge or call their helpline on 0808 2000 247