domestic violence

38% of UK young women girls will avoid watching the Euro final with others this weekend.
Do you think your friend is in a toxic relationship? Here's how to help.
"I left school and college totally unprepared for the word of dating," says campaigner Faustine Petron.
"I was deeply unhappy, barely containing secrets that would soon devastate me emotionally and send me to the brink of suicide at the height of my fame."
The consequences of the defamation trial seem to have got lost in the media circus. But it could have a very chilling impact on domestic violence survivors.
Vicky Foxcroft has spoken up for the first time about being sexually abused as a child at the hands of her mother's abusive ex-partner.
Violence against women should be taken as seriously as terrorism, says police watchdog
Henny Beaumont wants to show others these are "real people who lost their lives” in her project, 'Disappearing Women'.
Campaigners are worried Covid will be used by perpetrators to be given lenient sentences – while women who kill after abuse get stiffer punishments.