domestic violence

Government to review "pro-contact culture" after panel finds abusers use court system to "bully" victims.
Safe spaces at one chain were used more than 100 times in the first week of the latest campaign to help people escape their abusers.
Domestic abuse campaigners and MPs alike have fiercely criticised the front page, describing it as 'stomach-churning' and 'irresponsible'.
Author writes lengthy response to criticism following controversial trans comments.
Charities say the Domestic Abuse Bill needs to recognise the impact on children after record number of helpline calls in May.
Domestic abuse campaigners have warned women could die if abusive men lash out as coronavirus restrictions are lifted.
Jacob Rees-Mogg's decision to scrap video link parliament is leading to "unacceptable" and "discriminatory" demands, charities warn.
The United Nations said LGBT people are at an elevated risk of domestic and family violence.
Attempts by certain MPs to wreck the domestic abuse bill are dangerous, Christine Jardine MP writes.
The shocking scene saw Yazmeen stab her abusive husband in the throat with a broken wine bottle.