UFO Fireball Filmed Circling Over Northampton

'Circling Fireball' UFO Captured Above Northampton

When the aliens finally decide to descend upon humanity and enslave our civilisation to run their death drills into the heart of the Earth, or whatever, you'd expect the assault to begin on the great cities of our age. London, New York, Paris… and Northampton.

At least that's what we surmise from this latest UFO video posted by the heroes over at UFO Sightings Daily.

The video recorded earlier this month shows a strange circular fireball appearing over the town and floating for what appears to be at leas a few minutes.

The sight "looked like it went crashing into the field and that's the end but there was no noise" said the mum of the 11-year-old who filmed it.

The Daily Mail said the family called a local airfield to check nothing was amiss, but are still searching for answers.

And it looks likely they will have to keep searching. Northampton has seen more than its fair share of weird mysteries of late, including the phantasm clown and the river that ran blood red.


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