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‘Big Brother' 2014: Housemates Danielle And Helen Row After Nominations Are Revealed (PICS)

Things are already heating up in the new series of ‘Big Brother’ and the first set of nominations sped up the inevitable transformation of the housemates, who went from doing their best to get along, to screaming at each other.

Danielle and Helen were the main participants in the latest heated row, which took place when Helen decided to confront Danielle over her slightly prudish views.

Helen shouts at Danielle

The evening before, Danielle stormed off when the gang started discussing their previous sexual exploits and she wasn’t too pleased to learn she her roomies had nominated her for eviction.

“Just because I don't talk about d**ks and f***ies, I'm a bad person?” she asked, leading Helen to hit back, turning the exchange into a full-blown row.

“Who do you think you're speaking to? I do not want to speak to you, get some bl**dy class,” Danielle shouted.

“Have a wash and use a hair brush, you fat b***h,” Helen screamed before storming off.

Helen then made a beeline for the housemates who hadn’t seen the exchange, giving them her version of events: “I just told her what I thought of her, calling me a sl*g and then denying it, she better stop sh**ing Jesus, you f**king tramp.”

Danielle was left fuming and went straight to the diary room

Meanwhile, Danielle headed for the diary room, where she broke down in tears.

“I shouldn't have done that, can I just go home? I think God would want me to go and apologise to the whole group,” she said, as Helen told everyone else: “I think she has divided the whole fr**ging group, she has her little God squad in the corner the whole time.”

Kim’s attempts to lighten the mood and diffuse the situation didn’t go down too well, as Helen told her: “I am not classy enough to be spoken to, you can't speak to someone who has no class.

“Why do you want to apologise for someone who no class?”

Mark was left consoling Helen, giving her some reasonably useful advice.

“We're from different walks of life, different people, only apologise if you feel sorry,” he told her.

Housemates take place in the latest task

Danielle and Helen both continued to complain about the situation all night, so it seems unlikely that this will be the end of it.

Danielle is up for eviction alongside Tamara and Jale, this week. Jale received Pauline’s ‘killer nomination’, which means she’ll face the public vote every week.

While everyone’s been busy arguing, Tamara and Winston have been cosying up and spending time together - could we have our first ‘Big Brother’ 2014 romance?

In Wednesday night’s show, the first task also took place. where housemates had to compete for titles including Sexiest Housemate and Most Disgusting.

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