Woman Gets Boob And Nose Job From Her Parents For Her 21st Birthday

Parents Buy Daughter Nose And Boob Job For 21st Birthday, World Face Palms

A young woman who hated her body as a teenager got the £8,000 worth of plastic surgery she always wanted - as a 21st birthday present from her parents.

Sophie Cooper, 20, from New Eltham, South East London, hated her nose and breasts. But Sophie was thrilled when her parents offered to help pay for the life changing surgery.

Sophie said: "Pictures from your 21st stay with you forever and the last thing I wanted was to look back and remember how I looked. I booked my operations in a few months before my birthday as I was worried I everything wouldn't be all healed if I left it too late.

"I'd wanted to get my nose fixed since I was a teenager and I knew now was the right time to do it. When I told my mum she knew how much it meant to me so my Mum offered to help me out - she wanted me to be happy. My parents knew how much I hated my nose, I wasn't worried about telling them about the operation I planned to have in time for my birthday.

"My mum chipped in to help cover some of the costs and it was the best present I could ever wish for."

Sophie had felt insecure about her looks - especially her nose - ever since she was a child, and had dreamt of the surgery for years.

She said: "My nose was massive. It was wide and had a huge hump in the middle - I always felt like it didn't match any other features on my face. It stuck out like a sore thumb. My boobs were impossible to buy bras for as they were uneven sizes.

"It was awful."

Sophie, who began hating her looks when she was a teenager, had promised her parents to wait until she was older before she began looking into cosmetic surgery.

Last year she began researching cosmetic surgery clinics for a nose job and came across the MYA group.

Sophie said: "MYA offered a free initial consultation which was great. I booked in to have a rhinoplasty for the following year. I trust them and I knew I'd be in safe hands."

Soon after her consultation Sophie started saving for the operation straight away - unaware that her mum was going to hand over the cash.

Angela said: "We knew how much Sophie wanted a new nose. It wasn't until she booked it that we told her that we were going to help her pay for it. She was so surprised when we told her it was going to be part of her 21st birthday present.

"I was so happy for Sophie, it was great being able to surprise her with the cash for her new nose."

Sophie is petrified of needles and underwent a hypnotherapy session before the operation went ahead.

She said: "It was scary knowing I would need a needle in order to go under anaesthetic. But my therapy session helped calm my nerves."

But then, just six weeks after Sophie underwent a rinoplasty, she went under the knife once again after deciding upon a boob job.

Sophie said: "I booked my boobs in after flicking through one of the surgery's books, they had loads of great before and after breast augmentation pictures.

"One of the women featured had uneven boobs identical to mine and hers looked amazing after surgery. I knew that by booking in both procedures at the beginning of the year that I would recover in time for my birthday. It was important that I could feel beautiful for my birthday.

"I had my nose job in March and in May I had my boobs done - I went from a 34B to a 34D - I feel so much more confident."

Sophie is now looking forward to a big night out with friends for her birthday.

She said: "I'm finally happy with my appearance and I'm excited to celebrate my birthday in August. Undergoing two operations in six weeks was definitely worth how I feel now."

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